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Do you feel that your progress is halted? Are you confused by the discrepancy in the myriad of advice that is given for weight loss and sports performance? Our genetic testing services can help you to control your weight and to optimize your workout programs

Your genetic makeup may tell you more about yourself than you think. Several genes have been identified relating to physiological and psychological responses to stressors and lifestyles, such as BDNF for Social stress sensitivity or ADORA2A for sleep quality in response to caffeine. Persometrics offers not only raw data and what they mean but our reports give you steadfast, actionable, information for improved well-being, each report targeting a specific aspect of health.
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  1. DNA Physical Activity
    DNA Physical Activity
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    Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your workout? Do you feel your progress is halted? Learn what sports genomics can you do for you.
    Sports genomics is a relatively new scientific discipline that has focused on the study of genetic markers associated with athletic genetic performance. Information derived from DNA profiling can indicate both advantages and genetic barriers that reflect on the athletic performance phenotype. Learn more.

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