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Persometrics offers physiological and psychometric profiling of individuals or groups. We propose businesses cost-effective stress management solutions that give customized programs whereby the individuals most at risk are given the most extensive follow-up. This contrasts with a stress management solution currently in place in many companies: a universal package which assumes that stress impacts everyone occupying that particular job the same way, coupled with expensive support of burned-out individuals after the fact. Experts in stress biomarker testing, we have developed early predictors of burnout and other stress-related illnesses, which in addition to benefiting your employees can save your company on absenteeism and staff turnover. We can assist in the hiring process by completing full personality assessments, and by developing stress profiles by means of biomarkers and questionnaires to make sure you hire or promote a candidate fit for the task. Currently only English and French reports and questionnaires are offered, but our consultants can communicate orally in German and Spanish if required.

Some benefits of our stress consultancy services

  • Improve performance, motivation and reduce sick leave.
  • Check risk factors of burnout and other stress-related illnesses.
  • Identify, support and follow-up vulnerable employees.
  • Comply with mental health protection regulations (Loi sur le travail, LTr).
  • Get advice on motivation and how to seek OPTIMAL stress
  • Improve efficiency of the hiring process.

Stress is the biggest cause of long-term absenteeism according to a UK employer survey (CIPD) and is identified as the Number 1 driver for staff turnover intention in a range of professions and industries, including international organizations (Giauque et al). A quarter of the Swiss workforce now say they are so stressed at work that they feel they are overwhelmed (SECO, 2016). This is detrimental to their health and happiness, causing significant absenteeism and reduced productivity; which in turn translates to worsened company reputation and investor relations and loss of profit for the business. Considering the impact of stress on both the company and its employees, most large companies today offer wellness services to their staff or at least have some stress management program in place for their employees.

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Persometrics offers tailored solutions in human profiling. With years of experience in experimental psychology we can obtain reliable indicators of general intelligence, IQ, working memory and personality traits both remotely or on-site.

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Persometrics offers research project services, covering conceptualisation, implementation and analysis of research projects. Our team is fully competent in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and as such we do not limit ourselves to set ways of data gathering or analysis. Rather, we focus on obtaining the best quality data for the project at hand, analysing and making sense of these data before translating them into actionable deliverables. Further to our grasp on Big Data and modern technology our added value in the market research services is an understanding of the oft-overlooked individual differences in personality and cognition of consumers, and the impact of stress on decision making as well as the intricate interrelation that exists between them. This expertise both can and should be translated into market research, since intra-demographic consumers are not all equal and often have to make their purchasing choices during stressful situations rather than controlled settings such as those typically used with focus groups. We tailor surveys which can be hosted on our very own servers; see an example of what we are able to do by taking one of our free questionnaires, such as our ever-popular Five-factor Personality Questionnaire.