Contrary to popular belief, stress is not ubiquitously detrimental. Stress is above all a healthy adaptive response to threatening situations (in this case labelled "good stress"). Good stress can help us handle difficult situations via activation of separate pathways in our body (which we make use of in our adrenal stress profiling). It helps us focus all our energy to handle the threat, and not 'waste' it elsewhere on functions that can wait. Stress also helps us recover from the threatening situation. However, if the pressure increases, stress can become counter productive ("bad stress" or "distress"), and when we are continuously bombarded with difficult and threatening situations, without time to recuperate or recover, consequences could be dire. Learn about how hormone testing can help you fight bad stress and burnout.

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Some people tout paleotarianism or Atkins diets, branding carbohydrates as the enemy. Other specialists place themselves in the exact opposite camp. The reason for all the contradictions could be due to differences in genetic makeup. Indeed, everyone is born with certain predispositions to different health conditions and this includes how easy it is for you to reach your ideal weight. For instance, certain genes predict hunger and satiety signals, making it harder for some people to feel full; other genes are related to how your body responds to low-carb or high-carb diets. Learn more about how DNA testing can assist you in weight-loss and weight-gain.

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Sport genetics is a recent scientific domain investigating genetic dispositions to different types of sports and training. With the aid of DNA testing we can find which type of sports and exercise is likely to be suitable to your body and how you should adjust your training to coincide with your genetic makeup. Read more on DNA and hormone testing for sports performance.

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