Overview of procedure

Whichever test you order from Persometrics, you receive saliva sampling tubes delivered to your door, together with a unique anonymous code. We recommend taking note of this code for future reference. The samples are obtained at specified times in the comfort of your own home or at any location of your choosing. Once you have performed the sampling, use the supplied envelope to return the samples to the lab, and receive your results and detailed report. You will receive your report within 7 working days (counting from the day the lab has received your samples). As soon as your results are sent to you, your data will be anonymised within Persometrics’s system, which means that we will have no way of connecting any sensitive information to personal details. However, should you require your results or report again in the future for whatever reason, you can request access to your anonymised data using your unique anonymous code.

Persometrics sampling tubes for collecting saliva through passive drool.

When you order a home test kit from Persometrics, you will receive sampling vials, a consent form, a packing slip including your anonymous code and an envelope for returning the samples. Timing instructions are included if applicable, but to avoid unnecessary printing we refer to online instructions.

The sampling process

Persometrics uses the so-called Salivettes only when cortisol is the only hormone of interest. For a more elaborate sampling range (e.g., analysing melatonin), 'passive drool' is used, as illustrated in the picture opposite. Full, easy-to-follow instructions are given in the pack (some further instructions may be provided online). Collection tubes already have your anonymous code printed, and you will also use your envelope to send the samples to our lab. There is no need to go to a post office; simply affix your own stamp and put the mailer in a standard public mailbox. Some research shows cortisol levels in saliva can remain stable for up to two weeks at room temperature but we recommend posting the samples the day after the saliva collection date. Therefore, avoid sampling on the day before a bank holiday, but, rather, obtain your samples on a normal weekday.

Persometrics Spider chart showing the separation of hormone data and questionnaire data

The report, and how extensive it is, depends on the home test kit. Regardless of which test you ordered, you will receive your raw output scores as delivered by the laboratory, an overview of the scores in relation to your population norms and how this is related to health. For products from the Hormone Testing for Sports and Stress Profiling ranges, indexes are calculated and a report is provided with more in-depth analysis with scientific references for those who wish to learn more about how the indexes are obtained and where our information is taken from. Finally, these reports include a personalised section with information on what is likely to be helpful for people with your adrenal profile. This information arises from science-based research and is meant as a tool for personal entertainment, education and empowerment.

Factors that may influence lab test results

-Saliva samples for the stress reports should be taken on a work-day and, the postal service must be active the day after the sampling. Try to choose a day that is typical for you in terms of chores, responsibilities and leisure.
-Do not consume alcohol within the last 24 hours before collecting saliva
-Do not brush your teeth, smoke, eat or drink (apart from water) in the hour preceding any saliva collection.
-Cortisol can be influenced by drugs such as prednisone, dexamethasone and other steroids administered orally or intravenously. If you are uncertain about a particular drug treatment, please contact us prior to ordering.
-If you have a gum disease this can also have an impact on the hormone analysis. Never collect saliva if you are bleeding from the gums, or if you have residue from food in your mouth, since materials such as blood may influence reliability of the analysis. If you can see any discolouring in your saliva samples please discard all collection tubes and contact Persometrics for new ones.