Staff motivation


Our team strenghtening service consist of a team building workshop at your premises with a consultant who performs psychometric testing of the group. Individuals will all learn something about themselves and the team will learn how to harness each others' strengths.

A group is only as strong as its weakest member. Unless the individuals function as a coherent team. Our team building workshops are designed to help strengthen the team.

Benefits of our team building workshop

  • Improve team communication and reduce unproductive work.
  • Identify areas of strength and weaknesses, both for individuals and as a team.
  • Clarify what types of tasks may be productive for which team members.
  • Increase effective problem solving through understanding of different perspectives and methods.
  • Teach team members to value and work with the strengths of others

Resilience to stressful situations varies between individuals. We differ in our tendency of drawing on others for support and help, and outcomes may depend on how we perceive ourselves. But above all, the perception of the situation can be quite different for person compared to that of another. What is often forgotten is that stress is good, as long as it is not overwhelming. Thus, the right amount of pressure for a group is key to optimising efficiency and happiness at the workplace. We quantify this not only through questionnaires but can also do so with the help of cortisol. Confidentiality of any test taker is our main concern and results to management can only be given in so far as it is not possible to single out individuals or if they expressly wish to pass on their results.

We can aid in the optimization of motivational strategies through 360 degree assessment of both objectives and competences of project leaders and their teams as well as their relations. We further propose the use of biomarker testing as a proxy of effectiveness of a motivational strategy. This in turn is put in context of motivation theory, providing the project leader with relatable advice. Please contact us for further information

Persometrics offers research project services, covering conceptualisation, implementation and analysis of research projects. Our team is fully competent in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and as such we do not limit ourselves to set ways of data gathering or analysis. Rather, we focus on obtaining the best quality data for the project at hand, analysing and making sense of these data before translating them into actionable deliverables. Further to our grasp on Big Data and modern technology our added value in the market research services is an understanding of the oft-overlooked individual differences in personality and cognition of consumers, and the impact of stress on decision making as well as the intricate interrelation that exists between them. This expertise both can and should be translated into market research, since intra-demographic consumers are not all equal and often have to make their purchasing choices during stressful situations rather than controlled settings such as those typically used with focus groups. We tailor surveys which can be hosted on our very own servers; see an example of what we are able to do by taking one of our free questionnaires, such as our ever-popular Five-factor Personality Questionnaire.