Meet the Swiss burnout and wellness experts

Persometrics is a Swiss healthcare firm offering physiological and psychometric profiling for individuals and businesses. We specialize in biomarker testing of hormones and DNA, offering optimised training and help fighting burnout and other stress-related illnesses. Identifying individuals prone to burnout and other stress-related illnesses or costly rehabilitation programs after the fact, companies too can save on reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover rates

Our testing of hormones directly tied to athletic adaptation to exercise allows you to find the exercise routine and diet that is right for YOU, and NOT the one that is right for everyone else.

Our philosophy is science. We believe in empirical data and its appropriate analysis. Never losing sight of scope or meaningfulness of deliverables, we do not perform tests or analyses that have no scientific merit, and we only work with third-parties that share this philosophy.


oliver fenech

Sales representative

Oliver Fenech, MSC

University of Nottingham (Political Sciences and International Relations)
University of Malta (Social sciences)

With his multi-cultural experience, Oliver is our chief of sales. Formerly a project manager in the European Union (Brussels) he also holds an associate position at the University of Corsica, with a passion for entrepreneurship and cross-cultural exchanges.

Persometrics Switzerland Christian Lu MD Radiologist

Medical consultant

Christian Lu, MD, FHM

Université de Lausanne (Medicine)

Cambridge Judge Business School (Entrepreneurship)

With his broad medical experience and entrepreneurial mindset, Christian Lu is medical advisor to Persometrics, helping to ensure medical merit in our products and services. Christian is a consultant radiologist at Ygare, a state-of-the-art imagery centre based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. He also holds a degree from Cambridge Business School.

Biomedical engineer, big data researcher and expert of big data

Technical consultant

João Rodrigues, PHD

University of Lisbon (Biophysics and Biomedical Sciences)
Technical University of Lisbon (Génie électrique et informatique)

João is a published author in the fields of brain imaging, neuro-feedback and sports sciences, with main interests covering methodological and clinical aspects. Joao is an expert in Big Data analysis and he helps with all logistical and IT matters for Persometrics. His methods include VR, EEG and Machine Learning, studying links between personality, behaviour and physiology.

Nutrigenext Orbe

Lifestyle consultant

Vice Soljan, PHD

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb (Biochemical Engineering)

Vice is in many ways head of innovation, having operated several companies in the past. Expert in biomarker testing and DNA analysis, Vice specialises in individualised sports and nutrition programs. He also holds professorship positions at the Universities of Zagreb and Skopje.

Clinical consultant

Gabriella Stocca, PHD

International School for Advanced Studies - SISSA (Biophysics),
University of Trieste (Biology)

Previously working at the University Hospital of the Canton of Vaud (CHUV), Gabriella is a scientific advisor on clinical operations, with substantial experience in data protection and scientific writing. Gabriella is very much an 'applied' scientist. For instance, she has studied neurophysiological underpinning of substance abuse.