Burnout Questionnaire

Burnout Assessment Questionnaire

31/08/2022: Burnout Test. The word "burnout" is used as a clinical term to designate an advanced state of professional or emotional exhaustion. Burnout was initially proposed by Christina Maslach as a syndrome resulting from close contact between healthcare workers and their patients/clients, but from the 70s the syndrome was widened to include other work domains. Today, several models exist regarding burnout but it is widely agreed that at its most advanced state a person with burnout syndrome is in deep and lasting frustration, with disinterest for work or academic activities, and with evasion and avoidance as main coping strategies.

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NOTE: This quiz is for informational and educational purposes only. Only a therapist or medical doctor can reliably diagnose burnout. If you feel that stress or anxiety is affecting your life, we recommend seeking advice from a health care professional. See also our anxiety and stress test.