Research Services


Persometrics offers research project services, covering conceptualisation, implementation and analysis of research projects. A team comprising social scientists, analysts and neuroscientists, we excel in marketing, data analysis and medical writing. We focus on obtaining the best quality data for the project at hand, analysing and making sense of these data before translating them into actionable deliverables.

Our team is fully competent in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and as such we do not limit ourselves to set ways of data gathering or analysis.

Some of our main skills include:

  • Applied social cognition.
  • Traditional focus groups.
  • Behavioural economics.
  • Remote online testing with improved reliability/validity.
  • Analysis of complex data.
  • Report writing.

Using our secured servers and in-house online testing (hosted on our survey hub, we tailor surveys and questionnaires. You can see an example of what we are able to do by taking one of our free questionnaires, such as our ever-popular Five-factor Personality Questionnaire.

Main advantages of our online surveys:

  • Our own server and software, without reference to external survey platforms such as Qualtrics or surveymonkey.
  • Custom-made database of question-types extending those available on traditional survey platforms.
  • In-house customising of question types done as per your requirements, for instance to target specific age groups, or cater to those visually impaired.
  • Fully responsive design for use on any mobile device. No need for apps or desktop computers.
  • Choice of return complexity, from raw data to full analysis and sense-making of the results.

We make use of our understanding of individual cognitive differences and personality in market research. Further to this, we consider the oft-overlooked impact of stress on decision making. As our research has shown, this is not universal but carries complex interactions with personality and social groups. This expertise both can and should be translated into market research, since people very often make purchasing choices during stressful situations, such as late-night shopping for last minute presents, or household goods shopping when there are pressing family needs to also attend to. Safely and ethically, we can mimic stressful situations within a group, breaking free from the controlled settings such as those typically used with focus groups.