Stress can be a helpful response when we face threatening situations, often called "good stress." It helps us deal with challenges by engaging our nervous system. This focused response allows us to concentrate our energy on addressing the immediate threat instead of spreading it thin. Stress also assists in our recovery from these difficult situations.
However, too much pressure can have negative effects, known as "bad stress" or "distress." When we face unrelenting and overwhelming challenges without enough time to recover, it can lead to the overproduction of cortisol, which can harm our well-being. This includes a compromised immune system, cardiovascular issues, weight gain, premature aging, thyroid disorders, and more. Our hormone test kits can provide valuable insights and support in managing stress-related concerns. Discover how they can help you better understand and address the effects of stress on your body.Fight bad stress and burnout.

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The realm of dietary recommendations is rife with conflicting opinions. While some proponents advocate for paleotarianism or Atkins diets, vilifying carbohydrates as the enemy, there are experts who firmly stand in the opposite camp. These contradictions may stem from inherent disparities in genetic composition. Indeed, each individual is endowed with distinct predispositions to various health conditions, including their propensity to attain an ideal weight. For instance, certain genetic variations can influence hunger and satiety signals, rendering it more challenging for certain individuals to experience feelings of fullness. Additionally, specific genes govern how the body responds to low-carbohydrate or high-carbohydrate diets. Embracing the field of DNA testing, as well as nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics, can provide valuable insights into these matters. Explore further to learn how these scientific advancements can contribute to personalized nutrition strategies tailored to your unique genetic profile. Help lose or gain weight.

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