Hormone Testing for Sports

Hormone Testing for Sports
Whereas physical exercise has a positive impact on health and indeed is highly recommended for stress management, chronic stress from overtraining can manifest in adrenal insufficiency and what is known as Overtraining Syndrome. This is a type of burnout where there has been an imbalance between exercise and recovery over a long period of time. Because Overtraining Syndrome is so intricately tied to the adrenal glands, we strongly recommend for professional athletes monitor recovery and performance by means of salivary hormone sampling. Adrenal insufficiency can be assessed by Free Cortisol from Saliva. Cortisol, often called the stress hormone, increases during excessive physical exercise. If your workout is too long or too intense, cortisol levels become so high that they may become detrimental to muscle growth. On the opposite end, the hormone testosterone is one that high resistance athletes will want to keep high to aid in protein synthesis. The cortisol to testosterone ratio is therefore of importance to athletes, and it has been found that a change to this ratio precedes performance enhancement in athletes during tapering. In short, hormone testing not only provides a tool to maximise exercise intensity and avoid overtraining but also provides an index of athletic improvement.
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