Our sampling material

Our mantra

Persometrics's mantra is "reduce, reuse, recycle, offset", in this order of priority.


We keep sampling materials to a minimum, by using straws for saliva collection. To minimize plastic, we have developed sampling straws made of edible wheat stalk and shown that these are suitable for hormone- and DNA analysis.


We use freezer elements during transport that are reusable. Protective shells are washed when applicable and reused when possible.


Naturally, we recycle waste rather than have it end up in landfills or in our oceans. But more than this, our in-house developed straws can be placed by customers straight into the soil where it disintegrates within weeks. We also put unused cryogenic vials to new use as freezer elements. Cardboard boxes initially used by our suppliers become shipping boxes. In short, we do all we can to avoid new materials.


Carbon footprint from shipping methods are offset by La Poste.

Plastic replacement study

In 2021, we developed edible straws made from wheat stalk. Having shown good reliability of these for our testing, these are now used in our operations. We are currently running an extended study for publication so that other laboratories and testing centers can follow suit.