Stress and Burnout

Stress and Burnout

Biomarker testing for stress and burnout

Stress, and especially chronic stress, can lead to non-trivial and sometimes quite serious illnesses, including auto-immune and cardiovascular diseases, depression and burnout. This is often mediated by cortisol, which follows a circadian (diurnal) pattern.

(Rotate your Smartphone to display a circadian graphic.) A circadian cortisol secretion pattern provides output for the Persometrics Stress Reports, plotting your cortisol throughout the day. Several risk factors can be read from the secretion pattern; high secretion overall (area under the curve), flattened awakening response (cortisol level does not increase as it should in the first hour after waking up), and flattened slope from morning to evening (the secretion of cortisol does not subside like it is meant to).

Our stress reports will provide you with all this information, and what it means, and with scientific background for those with special interest. You will be able to compare yourself with the general population, and you can also plot your progress, by comparing future test results to previous ones.

Note that due to our strict data protection procedures, we cannot provide such comparisons, as your data is irretrievable by us.

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