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Do you think your testosterone levels may be low? Are you struggling with muscle buildup or sex drive? Test your testosterone level here.
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This test measures salivary testosterone, which correlates with the free (a section of the bioavailable) component of total testosterone. Due to its strong correlations with external criteria, such as strength, bone density, libido, mood, and energy, salivary testosterone is the preferred method for sports enthusiasts, researchers, and medical professionals alike. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is used to evaluate the androgynous state of men and to diagnose polycystic ovary syndrome and breast cancer in women. Note, however, that the correlation between salivary testosterone and free testosterone in plasma is weaker for women than for men. We therefore recommend this test first and foremost for men.

Testosterone is responsible for bone density, muscle mass, and muscle strength, as well as mood, energy, and sexual function.

Women with HIGH levels of testosterone may experience infertility, abnormal menstruation patterns, acne, obesity, and blood sugar problems.

Men with LOW levels of testosterone may experience a loss of sex drive, Low energy, Bone loss, Infertility

A test of adrenal insufficiency was developed in 2000 by Morley and colleagues at St. Louis School of Medicine and has since been used in some 100 studies. The sensitivity of this test has been found to be 97% (specificity was 30%) for the detection of hypogonadism in a validation study from 2004. We therefore offer this adrenal insufficiency questionnaire on our website.
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