Weight control

DNA and hormone testing for weight control

Tired of conflicting weight loss advice? The reason it is all so confusing might be because there is no such thing as an optimal lifestyle for weight loss -- rather, it comes down to your genetic makeup.

Studies have shown that variation in certain genes has an impact on our requirement of nutrition and changes the impact that different foodstuffs may have on health. These genetic markers may signal susceptibilities to certain health conditions.

Our hormone and DNA test kits provide the output of genetic analysis on a range of genes. Testing is easy: in order to send us a saliva specimen, you simply spit in a tube and send the tube to us in a supplied envelope. Our reports contain your results, their relationship to your health, and customized advice on nutrition and exercise routines to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

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  1. DNA Weight Control
    80% of 100

    Get weightloss advice based on your genetic makeup.
    Nutrient intake and physical activity are essential factors affecting body weight, body composition, energy metabolism, and energy utilization. Two thirds of our ability to gain or lose weight is down to our genes, which are involved in the susceptibility to gaining or losing weight in response to a given diet, to appetite, to lipid over-absorption and more. Learn more.

  2. Stress hormone ratio
    Stress hormone ratio
    DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is sometimes dubbed the anti-aging hormone. It is an anabolic compound that can buffer the negative effects of cortisol on several bodily functions and illnesses and can protect against burnout, Alzheimer's, and migraines. More Info

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